– La Borne, in partnership with le Pays Où le Ciel est Toujours Bleu
Place de la Liberté – Vatan

La Borne came on the place de la Liberté in Vatan from March 2nd till April 26th, 2017. She presented from 03/03/17 till 31/03/17 Jessica Lajard’s works and from 01/04/17 till 24/04/17 Olivier Gourvil’s works.

La Borne is an itinerant micro-architecture in Region Centre – Val de Loire. It has for ambition to connect the general public with contemporary art: to multiply the meetings, to surprise the passer-by and to offer a wide questioning. For the invited artists, it is the place of expression that they can invest.

The public reaches the works by an approach natural and common to each of us: the window shopping. Installed for a duration of two months, La Borne has presented successively two artists.

Artists :


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Associate Le Pays Où le Ciel est Toujours Bleu  to the project of La Pratique it is to create a dynamics of territory where meet contemporary art and the live performance.
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