Cie Samuel Mathieu 

from 1st til 19th february 2016

« Assassins »

Assassins is a monstration of Human being…
Hear monster.

The more that a fairy tale, the more that a legend, that a cock-and-bull story, it is, through this play an approach to our condition.

On stage in the Last supper, some figures, exposed overexposed, show the normal of the  abnormality. Bodies reveal in a constant tension, the unbearable, the rudeness of our own images through the crime, through the acceptance, the membership, the submission. The power becomes caricature. At a distance it becomes funny, pathetic, cynical.

Assassins is a mix of the characters, a heap of characters, murderesses of all kinds, gathered for a tragedy of periods, which would place the time of our humanity on the scale of the universe: tin other words nothing.

Performers : Gilles Baron, Lionel Bègue, Gaël Domenger, Fabienne Donnio, Martin Mauriès et Tanguy Allaire (stagiaire sur le projet)
Conception and Choregraphy : Samuel Mathieu
Lightconception: William Lambert
Sound conception : Maxime Denuc

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