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The areas

[waldo_text backgroundstyle=”st2″ backgroundcolor=”#ffe800″]The rehabilitation of the premises of La Pratique was one of the priorities of the project, to be able to welcome in the best conditions the artists and the public.

Layouts achieved

The whole repair of the roofs of 4 buildings (2 houses, the wine warehouse and the fertilizer pier’s) was conducted between 2011 and 2014.
The layout of the fertilizer pier’s  was partly made in 2015 :

• The facade, the skeleton and the roof were completely renovated
• Layout of the building in 3 parts :

– 2 workshops dedicated to the plastic surgeons (painters, sculptors, draftsmen, video directors, etc…)
– 1 welcome area with 2 toilets, 2 showers and a cloakroom

The low part of the former wine storehouse (300m2) was also renovated :

• a studio of rehearsal for the scenic artists (circassians, dancers, comedians, etc…) is available[/waldo_text]

[waldo_text overlay=”#ffffff” textcolor=”#000000″]Layouts to come : 
Other works will however be necessary to rehabilitate completely the place:

· Layout of a second studio of rehearsal
· Renovation of rooms situated on the 1st floor by the former wine storehouse
· Equipment of the place (sound and light)[/waldo_text]

[waldo_text]Workshops and studio

The fertilizer pier’s :

2 workshops dedicated to the plastic arts (painting, sculpture, drawing, photo, video)

1 welcome area with 2 toilets, 2 showers, a changing room

The former wine warehouse :

A big studio of rehearsal dedicated to the live performance (circus, dance, theater, music)[/waldo_text]

[waldo_text backgroundstyle=”st2″ backgroundcolor=”#777777″]Accommodation

The orchard’s house :

Accommodation facilities: 11 people

Distribution of rooms: 3 rooms equipped with double beds, 2 rooms with 2 single beds, 1 room with single bed

Common equipped kitchen (refrigerator, cooker, microwaves, tables, crockery, dishwasher), 2 bathrooms, 2 toilet

La Pratique’s house : 

An desk with telephone, printer ink jet, WiFi