– The project –

The project to open a place of research and creation far from the production circuits and from the distribution was born at first from the desire to offer time and space to the artists. A time disconnected from the constraints of production and thus convenient to the deployment of the artistic research. A space rich in a history and opened to the imagination. A time and a space allowing to put itself at a distance and to dive totally and over time into a process of research.

La Pratique was thought, from the start, as a place relay, a place of meeting and sharing between artists of different disciplines, but also between these and public.

The intention: create footbridges between the creators to allow these to cross their practice, and to introduce so multidisciplinary projects, to offer them different modes of exhibition and visibility and to propose to the public new, finished or current forms. In a region where the access to the art and the culture is difficult and sometimes threatened, La Pratique so gives the opportunity to the public to meet artists on their workplace, to exchange with them, and to follow, even to participate in the evolution of certain creations.

Anchored on the territory, La Pratique also choose the mission to weave new links between the artists, the public and the places of production and distribution were established in the region.
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