This extract of an interview of Marguerite Duras in 1980 could be a starting point for the room.

But at the moment, I am not still certain of it. In any case, it inspires it to me. These few powerful and intimate sentences, seem to extricate themselves from her, memory, memory of woman and artist, author. As a point, a stage, not on its life, but on the path of somebody who writes.

The three dancers of this creation follow me in the work since decade, more even for the one of them. They know my writing and inspire it to me, I know their bodies and their investment, their entirety, the truth of their languages. They are part of my life, my path of author, of choreographer… of writer of bodies. I like writing the dance and I like these bodies which tell, these carrier bodies of stories, theirs but also those others. Or still, when they do not still know very very very well what they say …
What I know, simply, it is that they dance completely genuine.
They don’t encourage a questioning on this state of dance, this privileged state to be nobody that a body which tells, that is to be positively only one body inhabited by its memories.
It is when we dance that we attain that, I mean it completely for their part.
It is there that they tell us intimate things.

Thomas Lebrun
novembre 2016

Choregraphy  : Thomas Lebrun
Performers : Raphaël Cottin, Anne-Emmanuelle Deroo, Anne-Sophie Lancelin

Musics : undergoing
Light creation : undergoing
Sound creation : Mélodie Souquet
Outfits : Thomas Lebrun

Production National Choreographic Center of Tours
Coproduction Cannes Dance Festival, Le Triangle, scène conventionnée danse (Rennes)
Withe support of University François-Rabelais of Tours and of La Pratique, Atelier de
fabrique artistique, Vatan – région Centre-Val de loire.
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DGCA – DRAC Centre-Val de Loire, la Ville de Tours, le Conseil régional Centre-Val de Loire, le Conseil départemental d’Indre-et-Loire and Tours Métropole Val de Loire.
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