Two acrobats and a dancer are battling against an imagined and elaborate device in close collaboration with Yolène Guais (wardrobe master) and Bruno Banchereau (scenographer). A scenery and outfits completely covered by Velcro create constraints of games and explorations. The environment is designed as creator of movements, images, sounds, dramaturgic tensions.
The research on the movement, the intentions and the relations between the interpreters are disrupted. Situations between humor and tragedy appear. Something is already happening.
Sophie Lamarche Damoure also presses her research on extracts of Henri Michaux’s movements: a text which dances and is nourishing inside.

Conception, choreography and scenography: Sophie Lamarche Damoure
Performers : Rémy Benard & Pierre Bertrand acrobates, Vincent Curdy danseur

Musical creation  : Pascal Battus & Jean-Baptiste Julien
Wardrobe : Yolène Guais
Light creation : Marie Hardy & Jérôme Houles
Scenery maker : Bruno Banchereau
Manager plateau, technique and logistics : Marie Hardy ou Jérôme Houles
Photos and videos : Alban Van Wassenhove