– ” Life is a celebration it seems… ” – creation 2017

A quartet which creation is planned in autumn, 2017

” Entering, leaving, never lingering “.
Thus was the secret according to Raymond Carven for a successful story. With three bits of string- two words, an ellipsis and many silences. Cropping, cutting, carving.

Firstly there is this writing, which methodically, and very precisely, explores the everyday derailing, with an economy of means and incisiveness, and where strangeness is based on the banal itself. How a popular imagery tips into a tragic space.
I am looking for a playing field heightened by writing. I proceed by exhausting all the possibilities. The improvisation work comes out of certain passages of Carver’s works or out of texts I wrote.
I define a common geographic map. We play with landscapes from afar and with the infinitely small and close, details.

I get out of the way in order to get several “narrations” going, that will become more precise with time.
Their progression will be made of triggering or unsettling moments that will disturb the balance of the situations.
No narration in the final solution in order to give an instable vision of the subject matter.

Tracking meetings and pivotal moments; the decisive instants that tip over or bring tension to a situation.

Conception – staging : Sophie Bocquet

Texts : loose rewriting around Raymond Carver’s short stories
Creation  – choreography  : Sophie Bocquet, Julien Flament, Marine Fourniol, Nicolas Martel
Lighting design : Luc Jenny
Sound composition : Fanny Martin

 Creation – Fall 2017

Théâtre de l’étoile du nord Paris, subsidized theater for dance. Festival Avis de turbulences.

The company is in residence long 2015-2018 at the Théâtre de l’Etoile du nord, (2015-2018).

Production: Pied de Biche Association

Co-production: Théâtre de l’étoile du nord, subsidized theater for dance.

Co-production contributions in progress

Supports and residencies: La Pratique – Cécile Loyer Vatan. Le Carreau du Temple, Paris. La Ménagerie de Verre, Paris. CND, Pantin. MJC François Rabelais, Savigny- sur-Orge. Castle of Morsang-sur-Orge. ANIM Binet Center and La Chapelle ….