– “Les Oranges” d’Aziz Chouaki

It is at first the text, political, musical and of the wild poetry which I am anxious to make listen because beyond the torpor into which it sometimes plunges us, he is carrier of infinite hopes and resounds strongly in the current events.

In spite of a writing which seems to indicate us a soliloquized shape, I wish that this text is carried by a comedian but also by a comedienne.
It is rare to hear a feminine voice to speak about Algeria. So the text is not worn by a precise genre what, for me, tends to extend its universality.
And then, there are the sounds which I want to integrate: the melodious streets, ” the tongue which runs”, which sometimes strikes, then the noises, the shouts and the holy music. There is a real work of musical research to be made with the musician.

Director : Isabelle Montoya
Set designer : Aurelie Zerouali
Performers :  Hakim Djaziri, Cylia Malki
Musician : Claudio Del Vecchio
Creation light and general state control : Lorenzo Marcolini