Cie Léla

from October 29th till November 4th, 2016

« Seasonal Affective Disorder/ Trouble Affectif Saisonnier »


Seasonal Affective Disorder / Trouble Affectif Saisonnier  is the story of Vlad, which brings bad luck and of Dolly, a kid capable of drinking a hot chocolate, of chewing a chewing gum and of smoking a fag at the same time. They meet and spend a night together while Dolly is runaway after the death of a girl of the high school. Around them the nature and the weather seem to go wrong, the sun does not get up any more. Vlad sees only Dolly, she is her ” small light of dawn “: they leave there rush about both, in search of love freed of the social and moral standards. Pursued, pursued, they will live their love crazily and up to the end.

The text places love as possibility of subversion in itself and above all.

Text : Lola MOLINA
Stage direction : Lélio PLOTTON
Performers : Anne-Lise HEIMBURGER et Laurent SAUVAGE

Sound creation : Bastien VARIGAULT
Video creation : Jonathan MICHEL

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