Cie Ouroboros 

from October 24th till October 30th 2016

« Our eyes meet on my body»


The eyes are frank, fixed, proud. A long and fine arm emerges from a t-shirt boyfriend whiter than white, crosses the handle of a handbag in fur and puts down proudly the fingers on the hip. Half of a behind in bootcut jeans appears at the very bottom. The breast, the ribs, are masked by the garment however it goes out proudly in a contortion of the most surprising. Hair is fair, evoke the seaside in their uncombed scholar. Mouth half-opened on which a red makes languid. Above, slid on the nose of glasses in smoked glasses, letting appear an eye excessively golden, the other one masked by the fair foam. Does she breathe only in this skilfully sculptured attitude?

Wink, fast, before the image is printed in the meanders of my body. Born of an anger, an exhaustion, the play deals with our intimate bodies. Of our feminine bodies of today. How many busts filled with light, carefully bent, topped with an irresistible silky mane met on your path ?At random of a shop window, your reflection overlaps to the plastic models. Desire, disgust, indifference? Even though you would like to fight, the image becomes soaked and becomes paradigm towards whom every woman should aim. Not for herself, not for the others, but as an absolute, a truth in itself. The pressure is hard. The quite built image chases away the nature and the woman begins looking at her in the mirror by believing to see itself :

Too small, too fat, too ugly, too stupid. Too tall, too thin, too beautiful, tooi smart. Everything is imperfection…
« All your imperfections ! » From there for us, the vital need to implode. As the discovery of its reflection in the mirror.
Of the first one in the last day.

O u r e y e s m e e t o n m y b o d y 

Chorégraphy et performance : Susy CHETTEAU, Camille ROULLIN
Musical creation : Wicked VESSEL
Visual creation : Margaux CHETTEAU

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