Our first and deep desire is this center of research and creation to be opened. The artists to have a dialogue between them, but also that they can meet public miscellaneous, and it of various manners. Indeed, the creation feeds on exchanges, and for the artists, the confrontation in outer looks is essential.

The festival « En Pratiques »

With the will to participate actively in the cultural life of Vatan and its region, La Pratique proposed on June 17th and 18th, 2016 a highlight, which articulated around various places of Vatan and its Association of local authorities, under the shape of a festival. In partnership with the National Dance studio of Orléans / Joseph Nadj, Culture o Centre, the National stage of Châteauroux/Equinoxe, the Association of local authorities of Vatan, this event was the opportunity to propose to the inhabitants of Vatan and the nearby municipalities various entertainments and animations, in connection with the activities of La Pratique.

Regular public openings

Within the framework of the multidisciplinary residences or of the creation, we open the doors of La Pratique to allow the public to attend the current work. It is the opportunity for the artists to confront their current work to a public and to take advantage of his look to go farther to the research.

Awareness-raising activities

The Practice wishes to develop an educational project which fits into the pre-existent fabric and comes to complete it. We set up awareness-raising activities towards the various public who compose the territory ( school, amateur public). They can take the shape of workshops of artistic practices or “workshops of the spectator”.