– It is a legend

You make what as job? Dancer.
What as dance? Of the contemporary dance …
What is it?
In this question, us, dancers, try to explain what it could be when we are often asked what that can look like …
By alternating moved presentations and demonstrations, I wish to raise the subject by different chapters highlighting the diversity and the modernity of the dance through its history: narrative, abstract, minimalist or more “talkative …

The contemporary dance is the fruit of this historic diversity; it possesses numerous faces today which possibly question  each of us. In the course of these “captioned” episodes will appear the deeper questionings: the state of dance of bodies, the dynamics and the colors of the movement.
Antoine Arbeit and Nicolas Diguet, two 25 and 30-year-old dancers, lend themselves to the game of these transformations and visit this art entered officially in the modernity at the dawn of the XXth century. They cross, the time of a diverted quotation, the strength of the concrete and demonstrative dances, the magic of the illusions which allows the scene and the mystery which proposes the entrance to the abstraction, to suggest in fact this quite simple idea: take advantage of the poetry of the movement!
” The contemporary dance, it’s for the others! ” It is the legend that many people asserted and will still assert. It is the legend which will roguishly be diverted…

Choregraphy, texts, scenography : Raphaël Cottin
Performers : Antoine Arbeit et Nicolas Diguet
Narrator– Voice-over : Sophie Lenoir
Lighting design : Catherine Noden
Sound composition : David François Moreau
Outfits : Catherine Garnier