« Je suis la bête »

text and adaptation Anne Sibran, based on her novel (Gallimard publishers)
directed by Julie Delille
with Julie Delille

An abandoned girl is taken in and raised by a wild animal. Halfway between the child and the animal, our language is imperfect to describe what she became. Captured and forced to adapt to the civilized world, it is by the violence that people make her lose her childhood, her bestiality, her nature.

Scenography, wardrobe : Chantal de la Coste
Light creation : Elsa Revol

Sound creation : Antoine Richard
Artistical collaboration : Clémence Delille, Baptiste Relat
Stage management : Sébastien Hérouart
Light management : Pablo Roy
Sound management : Jérémy Oury
Graphic design : David Morel à l’Huissier

Je suis la bête – Théâtre des trois Parques – teaser 4 from Theatre des trois Parques on Vimeo.

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