"Wapiti Waves"

Patrice Douchet

  • Dates of residence : 10th june - 21st june 2019
  • Public : thursday 20th june 2019 at 7pm
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The water rises to Lisbon. The rain is ceaseless. The thunderstorm mutters.
The snow and the ice recover Marseille.
And the youth in Europe gets bored, hesitates and stutters.
Until the arrival of the urgency : the Wapiti wave, the expected cataclysm. Four young people meet in Lisbon. Hunted by the global warming, accompanied by a strange being, they will board on a zodiac in Marseille, to Africa. On the other side of the sea, the hope to reconstruct a brand new world.

Wapiti Waves is a play that crosses the words heard in the mouth of today’s youth. Combatives or resigned, altruistic or selfish, confused, funny, provocatives.

Text : Martinage
Directing: Patrice Douchet
Scenography : Anabel Strehaiano
Costumes : Adélie Antonin
Music and vocal  work : Fabienne Pralon
Lights  : Jonathan Douchet
Stage manager : Jérôme Lopez
Graphics : François Caspar
Production : Julie Lecler

Actors et actress
Ariane von Berendt, Clémence Prévault
Arthur Fouache, Jacques Courtès

Casting in progress.

Production : Théâtre de la Tête Noire
Co-productions : Théâtre de Chartres, Théâtre de l’Ephémère – Le Mans.
Partners : La Pratique – Vatan, La Minoterie – Scène Conventionnée de Dijon, Scène Nationale de Bourges (Construction décor)
Support : Région Centre – Val de Loire, Conseil régional du Centre – Val de Loire, Conseil départemental du Loiret, Ville de Saran

© Céline Gaille, 2009 pour l’ange face à la mer

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