Residence : 24th to 29th june 2019
  • Public : saturday 29th june in the afternoon

The principle of the multidisciplinary residence is to bring together 5 artists from different disciplines invited to come work for a week at La Pratique, in the company of an artist of their choice. This year, 11 artists are hosted and fed on site; they have free access to all the spaces of La Pratique.They work side by side or together, share meals, as well as moments of daily life. At the end of this week of meetings, exchanges, the doors are open to the public for a convivial moment, during which the artists present their works.

– Mickaël Phelippeau (Paris), choreographer, with Françoise Davazoglu and her daughet Alice

– Myriam Pruvot (Bruxelles), artist and musician with Myriam Van Imshoot, performer

– Barbu Bejan (Paris), plastic artis, whith Maida Chavak, plastic artist

– Katy Couprie, plastic artist, with Nancy Sulmont-Assié, lithographer

– Julie Delille (Montlouis en Berry) director, with Clémence Delille, scenographer

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