"Activité rémunérée"

Charlotte Rousseau

  • Dates of residence : 25th june - 05th july 2018
  • Public : friday 5th july 2018 at 8 pm
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What is “the work” ?
What is “to work” ?
What our “our” work?
Doing what we are doing and producing can be named “work”?
To these difficult questions, us, The almost company, we will try to answer.

(But, As there are no definitive answers, we are mainly going to try to ask questions. And, Especially the good ones.) In the same time funny and almost political, « ACTIVITÉ RÉMUNÉRÉE », will pinpoint the french question of “intermittence”, will defend the workers, but also the non-workers, and all those who can not answer to the question : « What do you do for a living ?»

Conception, direction and writing : Charlotte Rousseau
Performers : Eléonore Guipouy and Charlotte Rousseau
Stage management and sound : in progress

Residence :
L’étincelle, theatre of  Rouen (creation residence),
Theatre of Duclair (creation residence)
Theatre of Présent/CROUS normandie (creation residence)
National Centre of dance of Pantin
Le carreau du Temple and La Pratique (creation residence)
With the support of Rouen.
Copyright ©Alban Van-Wassenhove
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