"En Pratiques Festival #2"

from 15th till 17th june 2018

For its second edition the En Pratiques festival opens its doors and invites you to the party !
La Pratique is an artistic research and design workshop which welcomes, all year round, ” under construction “, “in progress” projects. The artists meet there and share regularly with the public their doubts and their dreams.

With the En Pratiques festival, we welcome some finished shows, but uniques, unseen because they invent themselves again at each performance,  in the same way that La Pratique is transformed ; from the outdoor stage to the  tent, some new spaces appear to welcome everybody, children and grown-ups, young and less young, and to offer 3 days of live performance, funny, dynamic, astonishing and moving !

The culture is not a luxury, it is a necessity for us all. Sharing our feelings, exchanging our ideas and expressing our differences through dance, music, theater and any other form of artistic creation, allows us to build our identity and to strengthen our capacity to be live together.

The meeting will be the underlying theme of this second edition. We have chosen, with the CCN of Orléans, the CCN of Tours, the town of Vatan and the Communauté de Communes Champagne Boischauts to invite artists  close to the territory, artists who speak about meeting and sharing in their creations

For all and all tastes !

You will listen to very new music, relax on funny rocking chairs in the gardens of La Pratique, be a part of a jubilant excursion through the streets of Vatan, meet again some artists of the first edition, but also meet for the first time some young and new ones, and discover yourself (if it is not already made!) dancers, actors, musicians.

This time again, the music and the dance will have the place of honor with the Summertime’s Bal and the surprising Jukebox-dance tea of sunday’s afternoon !

Then come to the party ! All welcome ! We are waiting for you !

La Pratique team

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