Within the framework of these residences, some artists of different disciplines are invited to come to work during a week on La Pratique, together with an artist of their choice. The artists are accommodated and fed on the spot and they have free access to all the spaces of La Pratique. They work side by side or together, share the meals, as well as the moments of the everyday life. At the end of these residences, doors are opened to the public, the curious, for a moment friendly warned and busy spectators, during whom the artists present their works. Far from the production circuits and disconnected the constraints, the artists are so free to look, to dream, and to share.

The artists allow themselves attempts, they often come with people with whom they intend to work but, often due to the lack of time, the file did not rise, the project is awaiting funds, of ways, of time. They often come to test ideas, desires, to start here a project, to find the catcher to develop it then somewhere else, later or not…

The artists welcomed in 2017 :

Junpei Hamada, choreographer
Philippe Fusaro, author

Estelle Delcambre, choreographer
+ Evelyne de Behr, visual artist

Clément Ayubert, choreographer, dancer
+ Céline Champinot, director

Coraline Cauchi, director
+ Baptiste Dubreuil, musician