Marianne Baillot – Cie Else 

from 13th till 21st september 2016

« Paper Less, Paper Dress »

Paper Less, Paper Dress or The Golem’s Legend is a dance play that asks the question of the truth . This solo project joins in the continuity of the group play New Age  and corresponds to a certain frustration. In this solo, I aim for a reconciliation between the ” free material ” and the shape with the fusion of the various bodies a writing which aims to be at the same time more precise and detailed and more free, and which celebrates before all else the enjoyment. Unthinkable, illogical, paradoxical enjoyment (because it contains the tragic) but not imaginary. A dance which has not for vocation to represent no anything except for this force majeure.


The Golem ( in hebrew גולם†« embryo », « shapeless » ou « unfinished ») is, in the mystical and in the jew mythology, an artificial being, generaly human-looking, made of clay, incapable of word and lacking of free will shaped to assist or defend his creator. He arises from some clay after four wise men, representing four elements, provided his formless material of their attributes ; On his front or in a paper which he hides in his mouth appears the word emet (« truth ») wich becomes, when the first letter is erased, met (« death»), making the man return to dust.

A Golem womanCovered with red clay is on stage. At first horizontal this shape of clay is going to acquire a certain verticality, a certain knowledge, a certain autonomy. She humanizes by finding a first garment of paper, an other one … At the beginning narrative or illustrative,her actions escape little by little their first motivations and fall over towards the nothingness, towards this elsewhere of the dance. She wants to express the distance between the language and the experience, to thwart the “natural” vocation of the sign which is to represent. Will she rather manage in die to represent, to erase little by little everything “beyond” symbolism in the movement?


Concept and Performance : Marianne Baillot
Lights ans Scenography : Séverine Rième
Outfits : Elisabeth de Sauverzac
Production : Matthieu Roger / La Belle Orange et Cie Else-Marianne Baillot

Co-productions : Scène Nationale d’Orléans, Théâtre de Vanves
Co-realisations : Maus Habitos (Porto), La Pratique (Vatan), Théâtre Rivoli (Porto)

Thanks to Rui Mascarenhas, Jérôme Marin, Charlotte
Plasse, Emilie Parendeau, Daniel Pires.